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Xrumer- Full Review- Fear it

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Xrummer review

If you have an outdoor blog, forum, or website the Xrumer will strike the worst possible fear you can ever imagine. CGF staff had to think long and hard before posting a review and now it’s time for the good, the bad, and the ugly about the notorious Xrumer.


Xrumer is not a program that you can just buy off the shelf or a reliable software site. This CGF members, is a pure SEO tool made in Russia and programs like this only come around once a decade. How you get the program is a bit of a mystery because you first send $540 dollars to some person in Russia or you can pay via PayPal, but you have to wait a week for the program access code. Then after you get your access code they contact you and tell you that if caught copying the program your access code will be terminated with no refund. Anyway, like clockwork a week later the program came and so did the access codeS.

This is not one program but many that all work in tandem and very complex to understand. Like all programs made in Russia they are brilliant, extremely effective, and built to last. A completely open source program so you can change many functions to suit your needs or niche. This being a Russian program it does not come with instructions on how to fully use the program, ZERO (unless you speak Russian) support, and the instructions are in English, but via a Russian translator! CGF had our work cut out for us.

What’s under the hood

When you are ready to install the program you have two options,  a PC (desktop) or server and once setup it’s difficult to understand on what to do next. The first step is to use a tool called “Hrefer” and type in a keyword/phrase (or import 1000′s) and then Hrefer (via proxies) spiders the internet and collects websites with your targeted words. Hrefer is an amazing tool alone because not only does it compile a list of the websites/blogs you are targeting, but grades them by Google PageRank. One of many very cool options.

So we added 10 key-phrases (Fishing forums, fishing blogs, ETC.) and 16 minutes later an 11,000+ website forum/blog list was compiled and ready to be imported into the Xrumer program. To say we were amazed, would be an understatement because the quality of the list was 95%  accurate with ZERO duplicates.

The true power of Xrumer

The next step is to load your compiled forum/blog website list into Xrumer and fill out a simple form. This is where Xrumer truly shows its power because with a click of a mouse (via multiple open proxies) the program creates an account and logs in to most forums/blogs  in seconds. It automatically breaks most captchas or a pop-up window opens for manual input. The forums and blogs we tested: vBulletin, YaBB, phpBB, UseBB, and Blogger failed to stop Xrumer. We tested our own 11,000+ website forum/blog list and 6,334 accounts were created in less then an hour with one campaign and you can create and run several campaigns simultaneously.

So whats the big deal?

After Xrumer creates the account another program submits a message to all the forums and blogs and then tracks (spreadsheet) all replies rated by popularity. A common tactic for Xrumer users is to bait a forum/blog months in advance with many threads/replies from previously generated accounts to insure multiple replies. In short, the same person is pumping their own thread.  So what? Now drop anchor text and targeted links in the thread with multiple replies (packed with relevant key phrases) on a PR-4-5  forums/blog insuring backlink juice. Now multiply this action with 6,334 accounts automatically at a click of a mouse. Obviously, there’s some advanced prep-work needed for relevant content/links/Etc. This simple marketing method is very effective pumping your message and links to the SE stratosphere instantly. Also, this is only one of hundreds of marketing strategies you can use with Xrumer.

The Good

This program works as advertised and we truly feel the price tag should be $1000′s more. It’s that effective. We now understand why Xrumer did not come with clear-cut instructions because due to the open source format there are hundreds of marketing methods you can code and implement. As mentioned, this program only comes around once a decade. WTS, you can easily outrank your competitors using whitehat methods and advance your website to the top of search engines and keep it there indefinitely. The best way to use this program is low and slow with genuine quality content and lots of feeder pages.

The Bad

The learning curve on how to use the program is extremely difficult and if we rated the difficulty level 1-10, the Xrumer is a true 10 and probably why the price tag is so low in comparison to performance. In short, we would bet more then 50% of webmasters who bought the program can’t even set it up or understand the basic functions. Also, you must have basic knowledge of various forums and blog functions to build an effective marketing strategy. Plus, you need advanced SEO skills our your outdoor website will be banned in a heartbeat. Period. There is noway an average outdoor website with a dozen (indexed) quality backlinks one week has hundreds a month later without catching Google’s attention.

The Ugly

Due to the learning curve, cost, or lack of blog/forum marketing strategy this program frustrates the owners to go full blackhat spammer. This program is also feared and hated because to date, there is noway of stopping it and many companies are now using the tool to eliminate their competition. Matter of fact, it’s a very lucrative growing business and you can get a website de-indexed in less then a week from most search engines.


CGF only supports Whitehat methods and wants to warn all outdoor webmasters to stay far away from this program unless you spend the time and research to truly understand the power and use of this program. It took CGF two months to work the basic functions and understood this is a very dangerous tool unless you completely understand its use. Remember it’s just a tool, but unless you have a sound strategy you will do far more harm then good. In the right hands this program will deliver results you must see to believe and can only be described as truly remarkable.


Disclaimer: CGF will ban your account and seize your funds if you spam anyone or use this service in a malicious way. CGF will be happy to setup a run for $99 for our members, but you must provide relevant original text/content and you will need lots of it.